Job Recruitment Trends in 2019

Learn what recruiters are looking for in 2019

Job Recruitment Trends in 2019

Job recruitment trends are still emerging. What was prevalent in previous years has evolved as the economy continues to expand through new industries.  Furthermore, several factors from declining unemployment rates to technological innovation has positively affected job recruitment trends. As the unemployment rate continues to decline, job recruitment is increasing. This expansion in the demand for labor results in higher competition amongst the companies that are hiring.

More recruitment trends to look forward to in 2019:

Tech industry jobs will continue to dominate

STEM-related occupations will dominate fast-growing professional fields. A large portion of businesses today are in software, app development, and IT. We are also encountering an increase in machine learning jobs as robotics continue to dominate the latest trends in automation. Additionally, Blockchain Developers are quickly emerging with the creation of cryptocurrencies. Cellular network operations result in a higher demand for 5G Solution Engineers. User Experience (UX) Designers are desired for the development of relevant web content, along with several other new occupations.

There will be less of an emphasis on diplomas in job recruitment

In today’s generation, many people are building their skills outside of the classroom. Especially with technology, people are self-learning. Using all of the resources online, along with the open-source software available, it is easier than ever. Companies are reconsidering the importance of an expensive diploma. In fact, Google recently lifted its requirement of a college degree. That’s a huge indication of the emerging hiring trends coming from one of the largest companies in the world. CareerBuilder also stopped requiring a degree for their job openings as well. Professional organizations are more interested in talent and potential than anything else in current job recruitment trends. 

Companies utilize technology in the hiring process

Right now, more people are being hired online than anywhere else, and applying for any job online couldn’t be easier. For employers, there is no faster way to sift through candidates than by doing it online. Using the automation already in place to sort through the top prospects before looking at a resume, makes the job recruitment process simple. Tests, surveys and assignments are given to qualifying prospects, making it easier and more efficient to find the perfect candidate. 

Social media is helping with recruitment

There are several untapped social media platforms that companies are just now beginning to use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are still continuing to grow their market in job recruitment. Social media helps companies get the word out about job openings. They are also helping to entice job seekers by branding their company’s culture and showcasing the exciting things that they do. 

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