What It’s Like to Be a Lyft Driver

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What It’s Like to Be a Lyft Driver

Lyft is a service that entails hailing a ride to take you from one point to another. Over the years, such services have grown exponentially with Lyft and Uber being the main stakeholders in the market. If you are thinking of becoming a Lyft driver, then there are key factors you need to consider before opting to become one.

Lyft’s main competitor is Uber with Uber holding two third’s of the market for ride-share services. However, Lyft grew it’s user base faster than Uber in the last year. One of the marketing strategies that draws customers to Lyft is offering free rides to new users. Lyft is also known for being less expensive durning peak travel times.

Here are some factors you would want to know before working as a Lyft driver:

Flexible Hours

Flexibility is increasingly becoming an advantage for people in their careers. This is especially prevalent for people who are working from home. More people are seeking flexible jobs to increase their career productivity and to avoid common stressful situations in a workplace. One example of a flexible job is being a Lyft Driver.

You get the luxury of working when you want, and resting when you want. It means that you can make your own schedule depending on what you want to achieve in a day. For instance, you can paint portraits during the day and be a Lyft driver at night.

Your Own Boss

Working as a Lyft driver entails being in charge of yourself. The job title is between you and Lyft corporate. Meaning that you make the money and corporate gets a small percentage of what you make. The ideal scenario is that you make what you work for. Therefore, if you make an effort to work longer hours, the extra income is realized by you directly.

Being your own boss is often more productive than working the normal nine to five job in an office. You can apply to be a driver here.

Customer Interaction as a Lyft Driver

Unlike Uber, Lyft strives to create a friendly and personable experience and culture. Lyft encourages its customers to ride in the front passenger seat to facilitate engagement with the drivers. Therefore, customers hail a Lyft ride knowing that they can interact with their driver.

Ultimately, the driver gets a fun experience engaging with their client as well. It makes the job more fun and interesting. You can even watch how undercover celebrities interact with their Lyft riders on YouTube.

Your Take Home

Lyft takes a small cut from drivers. An added advantage is the bonuses during peak times and rush hours. Uber drivers also get bonuses. Therefore, working with Lyft earns you more than most hail-a-ride services.

An additional important factor to note is that Uber increases its surge charges about seven to eight times. Lyft surge fare increases by two times at most. The conclusion is that riders are preferring Lyft services over Uber, thus more business for you.

The overall experience as a Lyft driver is that you get to enjoy interacting with riders making your job seem like a hobby. You are also in control of how many hours you work and how much money you make in a day.  Give it a try today by signing up here.

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