Most Popular Work From Home Job Titles

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Most Popular Work From Home Job Titles

Working from home is one of the best things that can happen to most people. Imagine skipping the morning commute and the boring 9-5 engagement. Working from home also means that you will have more time with your loved ones and can work at any place and in your pajamas. For this reason, remote jobs have become very popular for the past ten years and the opportunities are growing daily. Companies have also realized this increased demand and have set aside numerous freelance remote positions. Looking to have less stress, increased productivity and being your own boss and do not know where to start? Well, below are some of the most popular work-from-home job titles that you should look for.

Virtual Assistant

This is one of the most popular jobs that covers many things. Just like a personal assistant, a virtual assistant works remotely and offers services such as technical, creative and administrative services. These services are offered many sectors and businesses such as legal, finance, health care, government, and finance among others. A person can work in many fields and requires very limited skills and training. The wages average from around $25000 to $75000 annually and can be more to those working full time.


Just as the name suggests, the work involves listening to and typing up dictation for speakers. These can be meetings, medical practitioners, motivational speakers and lecturers among others. The work requires little training on the transcription styles required and is normally available in many sectors. There are numerous transcription websites that are constantly looking for expert transcribers.

Web Designer or Developer

Websites have become an integral part of the success of any business. For this reason, their demand has increased and while it is easy to make a website, experts are more preferred. This is because they have the technical knowledge on how to create commercial websites and ensure they function properly. Web developers can also have extra skills such as publishing, management, advertising and many others which will help bring in more sales and exposure. Mobile devices as well as e-commerce has increased the demand in this field and is projected to grow to 15%.

Social Media Specialist

Social media has become a very lucrative marketing platform for business in the world over. It is very important for businesses to have a social media presence to compete and stay relevant. People who have a knack for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter among others can earn a living by helping businesses reach out, engage and promote their services and products. This is commonly known as social media marketing and has become a very important sector.

While looking for these remote positions, it is imperative to always have the scam detection radar high. Always trust your gut as scammers are in their numbers online. Some are trying to steal your money and identity by getting your personal information such as an address, social security, card numbers and so on. Always be alert!

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