What To Do When Entry Level Positions Require “Years Of Experience”

What To Do When Entry Level Positions Require “Years Of Experience”

I know most of us have fallen victim to this. You come across a juicy job ad on Craigslist and other job seeking platforms. You go through it carefully and even smile at some point, thinking to yourself, “Hell yeah, I’ll score this one this time”. To your disappointment, you scroll down and see the position requires some “years of experience”. Crushing! Isn’t it? What should you do when faced with this predicament? This is what to do when entry level positions require “Years of Experience”.

Acquire Abilities beyond the Workplace

You might be very educated. But is that enough t help you score a great job? Nope! Some people are jobless but not because they are uneducated, it’s mostly because they lack the proper skills to require getting these jobs. If you have graduated but have no internships, you could easily use this opportunity to get one. Interning or volunteering to work somewhere might help you develop great skills which might help you when applying for entry level positions. Internships have helped numerous people attain skills and knowledge they never knew. Great skills will help you get entry level positions despite the years of experience required to get the position.

Detail Your Experiences outside Your Field

Most individuals don’t know how to go about with this. People often discredit themselves when applying for certain positions. They don’t think broadly. Some will go on and write down their part-time gigs as a care giver, waiter, camp counselor etc. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s who you are but you’re been so plain while at it. Instead, choose to highlight the alienable skills you inherited in the jobs. Highlight them boldly in your resume and cover letter.

It’s also essential that you plow the real life challenges you came through during your entry-level interviews. Also explain how you overcame them. Being more blunt and professional about it will help you get the position, despite the years of experience.

Get Professional Connections

Recommendations from professionals can help you get certain positions directly without having to sweat much for it. They mostly vouch for your skills and potential. You will also get the chance to learn more about new job openings regularly because they will be informing you. Most importantly, you’ll have a better endeavor at an interview when applying if you know someone at the company or organization.

You’ll need a LinkedIn profile that is up to date. Then go ahead and identify the companies you’d like to work for and go to Connections section. Find Alumni of the companies you’re interested in and request to connect with them. They will help you understand your path towards employments helping you get hired at the same time.



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