5 Better Ways To Talk About The Most Common Resume Gaps

5 Better Ways To Talk About The Most Common Resume Gaps

Do you have a gap in your resume? This may be as a result of you choosing to travel, further your education or other unavoidable circumstances. Whatever the reason, you might feel like your job hunt might be a little bit harder than expected. This might be true because most recruiters are very strict when it comes to hiring and that depends majorly on your resume. You can however change this. You can always present your gap in a better way. How do you do this? Below are 5 better ways to talk about the most common resume gaps;

So, You Got Laid Off

Most of us find it difficult to tell other people that we lost our jobs. Informing your recruiters that you lost your job might just earn you a little bit of sympathy. Just don’t overdo it. Instead, be positive about it and focus on all the positive things you achieved when working there. This makes you look trustworthy and professionals at the same time.

So, You Resigned In Order To Travel the World

Yea, I know exactly what you’re thinking. This might be tricky but it all depends with how you will answer this question. You should focus majorly on how traveling contributed to your personal developments. Avoid talking about the kind of fun you had. This will increase your chances of not getting the job at all. You can also talk about the skills and experiences you acquired if you took any volunteering job. Also include that you are ready to jump back into your new job with energy and determination.

So, You had to Further Your Studies

This lands many people the jobs of their dream. This easily spreads positive thoughts. Adding certain levels of intelligence and hard work to anything that requires experience is a sure ways to getting the job you want. You can also go ahead and let them know that you are willing to apply your qualifications to benefit the company.

So, You Took Time Off Because Of Health Complications

Recruiters don’t expect you to go into details about what you went through. Instead, give a straightforward explanation. You should also be very comfortable when sharing it. You should not forget to mention how proud you are for overcoming the illness and getting better. Go further by discussing the relevant accomplishments you have that will change the workplace.

So You Had To Take Care of Your Family

We all know that taking care of family is very hard. Besides, taking off time to cater for family makes you look very responsible. No recruiter should make you feel bad about it. You should make sure to mention the experiences you have to make sure they understand that you can still be very useful. Also let them know that you are happy to recommit yourself to your new workplace again.

These 5 better ways to talk about the most common resume gaps will help you score any job interview.

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