5 Attention Grabbing Cover Letter Examples

5 Attention Grabbing Cover Letter Examples

Cover letters are meant to help us get job positions we apply for. A cover letter is supposed to be short and brief. It is the best way to introduce yourself to the hiring manger. It helps you inform them on what you have to offer and why you want the job.There are some people who go an extra mile and try being very friendly in the cover letters. As much as you are trying to impress the interviewers and increase your chances of being hired, it is wrong. You need to make sure that your cover letter is professionally written. Avoid narrating stories about yourself. Remember you have limited time and you should make proper use of it. Your cover letter should be unique and attention grabbing. The recruiter should be interested in reading your cover letter immediately he/she see’s it, but it all depends on you.

So how should you write an attention grabbing cover letter? How should you make it enticing? Here are 5 attention grabbing cover letter examples to help you learn;

  1. Be very Peculiar

Remember this is not an informal letter. You have no business informing your hiring manger of your hobbies, your place of birth, your marital status , number of children you have etc. Instead, you should be very brief and go straight to the point. Avoid sending generic cover letters. You can also try and find a specific name for the person you’re addressing. A name is very effective because it makes your cover letter feel more personal. For example, you can write the name of the person you’re addressing at the top of your cover letter.

Highlight the name in bold and make sure they’re all in capital letters. You can write something like.This will increase the chances of your letter being read. You can then proceed and write down your other requirements such as. But remember to be very brief to avoid taking so much of their time. You can start with something like;

“Hello, I trust this finds you well. I came across your Ad on Craigslist and I would really like to apply for the position.’

  1. A little Humor Helps

Making interviewers laugh might increase your chances of your cover letter being read. A humorous cover letter will definitely be remembered. Be very careful when doing this. As much as you’d want to be funny or cheeky, remember to keep it professional and formal. A little bit of self-deprecating goes along way. You can try writing sentences like;

“What kind of employees do you like? Plausibly people who don’t take themselves seriously and even show up at work with the same pair of shoe for a whole year but bring great productivity to the team. I fit perfectly well under this category. Am I hired?”

While making fun of yourself, make sure to show them that your skills and experiences can bring so much positive changes to the company. Humor and positivism will definitely make your cover letter stand out.

  1. Cut The Length

Who said that cover letters should be long? Long cover letters tend to bore the interviewers because it is time consuming. Let’s face it, reading long letters is never fascinating. It can be very tempting to write a long cover letter because you might feel the urge to mention many things in it. You should always remember to keep your letters short, simple and straight to the point. You might feel intimidated that your cover letter doesn’t fill the entire page. There is no rule that says that a cover letter has to be one full page. Cut the fluff and only state down what’s important. Avoid things like;

“How are you? I how your day is coming along just perfectly. Mine is okay too though I’m a little bit bored.”

Remember, “Quality is always better than quantity.

  1. Specify How You Can Solve Specific Problems

This is very important if you want your cover letter to have some weight in it. How should you come up with this? Simply stating that you solve problems isn’t going to help you as much. Avoid telling them how much of an amazing problem solver you are. Instead explicate the details of a specific problem you were key in solving in your previous job. Don’t forget to mention specifically how you employed your skills in solving it. You might state down;

“My previous company wanted to lay-off a few employees. I however had to discuss some of the effects it would bring on the company and we reached a mutual understanding. We decide to reduce everyone’s salary by 20% to avoid losing the other employees”.

You can also outline how you might help the company solve their ongoing problems if they have one.

  1. Your Cover Letter Should Always Be Written In PDF Formal

Most online submissions are sent as PDF files. You should always make sure your cover letters are written in PDF. Other files might be frustrating especially if these files are not compatible with your computer. This is a sure bet to make your cover letter become declined or not read by the hiring managers. Certain files may take a lot of time to open and this is neither what you nor the hiring manger want. Avoid these kinds of embarrassments by following this rules.

The 5 attention grabbing cover letter examples will help you better your skills in writing your cover letters.




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